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Originally established in 1915, Kandanga State School has long been the school of choice for those desiring a quality education within the Mary Valley.

Drawing students from the many surrounding areas, Kandanga State School was originally established around the flourishing Timber, Pineapple and Dairy industries that once abounded in the Mary Valley. Kandanga State School has since transitioned into a highly equipped modern school that whilst preparing students for the future, embraces its history and retains its old world charm through family values, community involvement and respect.

At Kandanga State School, we firmly believe that in order to reach their full potential, whether socially, sporting, or academically, all students need to be extended and challenged on a regular basis. Our committed team of teachers, specialists and teacher-aides aim to provide the best possible education for every student by combining the individual needs of all students with a whole school focus on the essential areas of mathematics, literacy and technology. By focusing on these key areas and utilising our highly skilled specialist and support staff, we are able to provide individually tailored programs that best suit the needs of each child.

In order to achieve this we regularly program both whole school and leadership style camps, provide co-operative learning and sporting opportunities with other local schools, provide fully funded learning pathways and access to extra-curricular extension activities for gifted students, as well as regularly encouraging  our students to challenge their own ability levels by entering academically oriented competitions such the Australian Problem Solving Maths Olympiad (APSMO) and the range of academic challenges offered by International Competition and Assessment for Schools (ICAS).

Whilst the academic aspect is highly valued, we also believe that what happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside. Our fully supervised, high quality, safe play environment ensures that all children are catered for with an abundance of activities for children of all ages. Our upper-school leadership program incorporates both kayaking and outdoor education programs and is complemented each year by a leadership camp. 

Kandanga State School enjoys a high level of support from the local community including many past pupils whom continue to interact with the school on many different levels across a broad range of activities. This in turn carries over to our supportive and highly active P&C group, which willingly contribute to many of our school and extra-curriculum activities such as excursions, resourcing and school camps.

By striving to maintain a family based atmosphere through the combination of traditional family based values and active parent participation in all aspects of your child’s education, we are proud to be able to provide the best possible learning and social environment for your children.

Last reviewed 16 January 2020
Last updated 16 January 2020